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By Marty Clifton

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  Slogan - Grammar Hawk is my name. Perfecting Grammar is my game!



Welcome to Grammar Hawk Proofreading ... where I make your written words my priority. You have put a lot of time and hard work into your writing, and it is my job to give you peace of mind and confidence  that your work is polished and ready for your readers.  I am here to make sure your message is clear and concise—the way you intend it to be. I utilize the Chicago Manual of Style (CMOS), the Associated Press (AP), the  American Medical Association (AMA), or a clients writing style guide. I am here to help. I would love to be your "grammar hawk" and make your finished product look and sound as fantastic as it is. I'm so excited to hear from you !   #proofreading 

     I can help you with 

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Proofreading ... what is it?

  • children's books; (my niche)

  • online articles;

  • e-books;

  • manuscripts;

  • magazine articles;

  • short stories;

  • novels

  • advertisements;

  • email newsletters;

  • newspaper articles;

  • web pages;

  • social media/blogs;

  • and more.


Proofreading is the last step before your written material is published and after the material has been edited. 


I will help by correcting:

  • misspelled words or typos; 

  • all punctuation;

  • repeated or incorrect word   usage; 

  • minor format issues;

  • capitalization;

  • subject-verb agreement;

  • grammar/sentence errors;

  • on request - minor rewrites.

 Proofreading Rates

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"Writing without proofreading is the literary equivalent of waltzing gaily out of the house in your underwear."

Let me make your work Extraordinary!

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Are you a writer?  If you answer yes ... you will need the services of a copyeditor.  I would love to help you with that.


Copyediting takes your written work to the next level.   A quick assessment of your work will determine if it will need light, medium, or heavy copyediting. 

Your work will be checked for clarity and readability along with correcting grammar errors, punctuation etc., while still allowing your voice and style to shine through.

Copyediting Services for: 

  • adult books and manuscripts;

  • children's books;

  • e-books;

  • articles;

  •  newsletters;

  • web content;

  • And more ...

#Copy Editing, #Copyediting, #Editor, #Editing

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Content Writing
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 Content Writing

What Do I Write?

  •  magazine articles 

  • newsletters 

  • web content 

  • blogs

  • business content

  • brochures

  • so much more.

Need a written piece for your magazine or web content? Writing and being creative are some of the things I do best! I would love to lighten your load and craft that outstanding masterpiece for you.  

#Content Writing, #Writer

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Above the Clouds

A Little About Me

Hi there!  I am so excited to meet you!


Reading, proofreading, copyediting, and content writing are passions of mine. I love to help my clients by critiquing their work product and assisting them in producing their best-written piece possible. I do have twenty-plus years of experience auditing/proofreading documents, composing and proofreading manuals, and correspondence of all types. Since then, I have graduated on to my own freelance proofreading-copyediting-content writing business.  I would love to work my magic for you.


  "Let Me Be Your Grammar Hawk"

Sharp Shinned Hawk


   Completed the AWAI Editing Course

 Editorial Freelance Assoc. Copyediting Course

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This is a badge earned while taking a PWA (Professional Writers Association course.


When I needed a proofreader to look over my website copy, Marty provided high-quality services. She has a keen eye and was able to answer my questions about some specific spelling and grammar concerns I had. I recommend Marty when you need to ensure your writing or copy is as polished as it can be. Thanks, Marty!

Sarah Fraps

Service Review














Marty is quick, responsive, and friendly. I can publish my article with confidence thanks to her help!


 Marty has been proofreading textbooks for us for almost a year and has done a wonderful job.  She has not missed a deadline given to her — in fact usually gets it to us a head of time.  We work with a lot of clients needing proofreading services and those Marty has worked for has never had a complaint, which is a good sign in our business. Unfortunately, we usually only hear from them when they have complaints.  Marty is very thorough and pleasant to work with.

  J Morgan

As you reflect on your time in Accounting Benefits, Benefits & Services, and Agency Compensation, do it knowing that you made a positive impact on each one of those areas and have established relationships that will continue. Your work ethic, attention to detail, customer focus,  and never-ending diligence to create process efficiencies exemplified your constant approach to be "Remarkable". Above that, the respect your peers & leadership have for you demonstrates the amount of appreciation each one has for the person you are and the work you did. 

Brian Ennis

"It was such a pleasure working with Marty who seemed to have all the answers to our questions about proofreading. I would highly recommend her who made it all so easy and painless. Thank you Marty.

Anthony Jones

Marty made the whole process of book proofreading much easier. I would recommend her to anyone who needs a truly qualified proofreader. I could not have done it without her expert knowledge and professional process during the whole writing process. 

John James


Contact Information

Marty Clifton

Phone/text: 217-972-6121


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